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I provide all kinds of encounters; gfe (girlfriend experience), sensual, pse (porn star experience), kink and BDSM lite and enjoy them all. For all kinds of people regardless of gender-sexuality-orientation or disability.



GFE is a more sensual experience, where the connection makes a lot more of the encounter.

PSE is focused on the physical. Thinks like deep throating, gagging and all the interesting positions you see in a lot of porn.

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There is no way I could give you a list of every kink service I provide, kink covers so much!!! Role play, age play, bondage, foot fetishes, all kinds of worshipping and so much more! I never judge someone’s fantasies and if it’s something I think I can do, I will happily try. It happens (lol not often) that someone surprises me and asks for something I’ve never even heard of! And if it’s something I think I can do, I will happily try. It’s a great feeling to be able to help someone realise a long held fantasy and I do come with a well stocked toy bag!

Encounters: Services


Before I even realized I was submissive, I knew I was a masochist. Within certain limits, I find pleasure and comfort in pain. Savor my pain and eagerness to please. Occasionally I enjoy it to much... which is why I say BDSM “lite”. As much as I enjoy harder play, I bruise ridiculously easily, and some clients don’t like to see marks. BDSM like Kink, covers a lot of different activities, so I’m not going to go into a list, but I am open to most things and like to think I cover all the “basics”. it thrills me to be able to answer a need not many do or to fulfill a long held fetish fantasy. I have been into bdsm for a long time and have a enough experience to guide someone in new explorations as well as please an experienced dom. For specifics please email me directly, and for hard limits see below.

Hard Limits

  • Bareback


  • Face slapping

  • Water sports receiving

  • Hitting on the bottom of the feet

  • Anal fisting

Encounters: Welcome
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